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"Перечень" ВАК
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Ovchinnikova S., Shirocaya T., Crivenko O., Mychnujk O., Pocholchenko L., Timakova L.
Macroergic substances are the compounds, which provide the organisms of hydrobionts by energy. The main macroerg of organism of fishes is adenosine threephosphate (ATP). ATP is the component of the known energetic index (adenilat charge)  , which depends on the degree of destructive environmental pollution of aquatic ecosystems. The meaning of this index lower 0,7 causes the reverse direction of process of metabolism in the cells of organism of fishes. The data of research of role of macroergic substances are presented here. We investigate the dynamics of the content of macroergic compounds in the muscle tissues of north fishes such families as the cod family (GADIDAE - the cod Gadus morhua morhua, the polarcod Boreogadus saida, the hake, the pollack Pollachius virenis, the haddock Melanogrammus aeglefinus); the hake family (MERLUCCIDAE - the hake Merluccius bilinearis); the scomber family (SCOMBRIDAE - the scomber Scomber scombrus); the plaice family (PLEURONECTIDAE - the plaice Platessa platessa, the halibit Peinhardtius hippoglossoides); the salmon family (SALMONIDAE - the Arctic salmon Salmo salar); the herring family and others.

Our results show that the quantity of macroergic compounds (ATP) depends on life´s stage, the age, the sex (male or female) and different environmental factors. Seasonal dynamics of content of ATP especially depends on physiological state of fish (laying down fat, in pick condition, filling on spent).

The dynamics of content of macrorgic substances (ATP) also depends on the degree of the environmental pollution. We conclude that the macroergic compound, such ATP, can be effective molecular bioindicator for determination of negative action of chemicals in aquatic ecosystems. Increase of degree of man-made pollution in water causes the decrease of content of ATP in muscle tissues of north fishes.

One of direction of scientific work is the determination of macroergic substances (ATP) in the muscle tissues of north fishes during process of keeping under low temperatures (-20 ˚С). Our results show that the content of ATP changes during process of keeping (6 months). Our observations show the decrease of quantity of ATP in muscle tissues of north fishes during 6 months of keeping under low temperatures (for example, for the cod the content of ATP decreases from 15mg% to 12 mg% during 6 months of keeping).

The received materials testify the significant role of macroergic compounds in estimation of state of fishes, as components of north aquatic ecosystems.