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Gilev A.V. 1 Shigin A.O. 1
1 Siberian Federal University
The analysis of time between failures of roller bit chisels shows considerable decrease in their firmness in case of breed drilling with difficult structure. The problem of decrease in firmness of chisels at frequent changes of properties of breed can be solved by use of the adaptive rotary submitting mechanism capable in due time to define various changes of properties of breed and to react, correcting a drilling mode. The method of modeling of shock loadings at drilling of rocks with difficult structure consists in measurement of pressure jumps in the hydrocylinder and a current in a winding of the engine, caused is artificial the created hydroblows. For process of modeling of shock loadings the laboratory research stand, allowing to model the shock loadings arising at increase in an indicator of drilling capacity on various (set) size at various relative values of an indicator of drilling capacity before and after blow was developed and made. In the research stand as a drive the system from the three-phase asynchronous engine with a short-circuited rotor and the pump of volume action is applied.
modeling of shock loadings
drilling of rocks with difficult structure
the research stand
fluctuation of size of a current
an electric motor winding
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Крушенко Г.Г., д.т.н., профессор, Институт вычислительного моделирования
СО РАН, г. Красноярск;

Михайлов А.Г., д.т.н., профессор, Институт химии и химической технологии
СО РАН, г. Красноярск.

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