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Kolobova-Abramova S.I., Zaljalutdinova L.N., Imanaev I.R., Kolobov D.V.

In its medical practicy we use the methods of tibetan medicine, which in particular, include and phytotherapy and preparations of animal´s origin. This allows to obtain the good results of treatment under any somatic and infectious diseases practically.

PURPOSE: Investigation antimicrobal effect of the tincture of the herbs from family of ranuncull and pulvis of animal´s origin with macroelements aplicable in tibetan medicine.

METHODS: We used methods of tibetan monks for connection preventive and therapy infectional disease.

RESULTS: In our practice there was such event. In 2002 we repose on sea seaside. Has оccurred the flash of heavy infection, incitant which long could not define, but expelled hemorrhagic fever. The using methods of tibetan monks, us there was is stated by that incitant of infection there was virus. The clinic of disease began with weaknesses suddenly, headache, sharp increasing of the temperature before 38-40 C0, untamable vomiting and very frequent fluid chair for day. The temperature did not fall analgesis drugs. The condition sick since each hour grew worse and sick there were are hospitalized in hospitals, where they were conducted desintoxicational, antimicrobial therapy and hormonotherapy. The course of treatment made 1-2 weeks depending on gravity of current. However, essential improvement of condition not there was and many happen to to leave homeward.

In this connection preventive we, five person, including three children, use the herbs from family of ranuncull in the tincture and pulvis of animal´s origin with macroelements aplicable in tibetan medicine, possessing antibacterial and antiviral activity. Nobody from us not were taken ill. To we address the english family on cause illnes seven-year child. It there was is drawn from hospital. Leave homeward they could not because of heavy condition of child. Objective: the general condition heavy. The child did not get up from the bed, complain of headache, there was not contact, moan, refuse from food and water since their acceptance cause the vomiting. The temperature (38-40C0) did not fall the analgetic drugs. The child there was much powerfully easton, respond to light and sound irrotants. On tibetan diagnostics a stomach and duadenum were impressed virus, but other divisions of fine intestinale - bacterial infection, in blood was defined the virus. That preparations, which we use for preventive maintenance of this infections beside itself, on manual pulse diagnosis we have fixed this sick child. In two hours a temperature was normalized, the appetite appear beside child. The condition its was vastly perfected and it has got up from the bed. Immediately stop the vomiting and diarrhea. To evening a condition sick was normalized and it even bathe seaborne. The treatment last three days. In month we have written it to England, there was given answer that boy feels good and is in detail examined. The physicians nothing pathological beside he did not find.

CONCLUTION: Thereby, these preparations of herbs, radicis and preparations of animal´s origin with macroelements, which use in tibetan medicine, may be more efficient, than facility traditional antimicrobal therapy and deserve the detailed study.

Библиографическая ссылка

Kolobova-Abramova S.I., Zaljalutdinova L.N., Imanaev I.R., Kolobov D.V. THE TREATMENT OF UNKNOWN INFECTION BY PREPARATIONS OF TIBETAN MEDICINE // Фундаментальные исследования. – 2005. – № 8. – С. 36-37;
URL: https://fundamental-research.ru/ru/article/view?id=6432 (дата обращения: 14.07.2024).

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