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Shaidurova L.U., Ibraguimova G.Ya., Mingazetdinova L.N., Amirova A.R., Balyagutdinova N.G.

Cardiovascular diseases represent themselves as socially significant pathology in many countries all over the world. Their social significance concludes in disease progress, and worsenings bring to contemporary incapacity at first, and when complications take place, - they bring to invalidity and lethality. Affecting youth, hypertonic disease, being the most frequent output of cardiovascular pathology, undertakes the process of vascular system and cardio-muscular remodeling. All the social significance of cardiovascular and measures, aiming the effective prevention of progressing and prophylaxis, can be defined, when pharmo-economical ingredient is adding to the expert valuation.

Though the majority of pharmaco-economical researches is dedicated to the analysis of antihypertensive antiischemic preparations market, and is not always the subject of internship interest, the study of real clinical economical results of separate treatment programs and prophylaxis will help the doctor to choose the most adequate complex of medicines for the successful treatment from the both clinical and economical points of view. When enclosure is correct, the expensive treatment scheme often becomes more economic due to improving such data as patient quality and life duration, shortening of diseases complications, etc.

Cardiovascular diseases social significance is demonstrated by the following. Sickness rate is leveled or growing during the last years, esp. as far as arterial hypertonia is concerned. Taking into consideration, that youth vegetovascular distonia development very often comes to the cardiovascular disease, number of people liable to disease is growing.

Population sickness rate of vascular system diseases in Bashkortostan registered 508,8 thousands, including hypertonia - 138,7 thousand. The last 2 years sickness rate of vascular system diseases reached the mark of 561 thousands or 10, 5 % increase and reached 170 thousands as far as hypertonia is concerned. High sickness rate of arterial hypertonia among children and teenagers is visible.

Economical effectiveness is the value of the results outcomed from definite sums expenditure. Clinical-economical analysis implicates the obligatory comparison of expenses and effectiveness and is based on clinical research results.

The clinical picture of vegetovascular distonia and arterial hypertonia is characterized by slowly progressing course, can be accompanied by worsening and stabilization and demands treatment. Arterial tension increase is conditioned by many factors, both external and genetic ones and is going along with vascular wall receptors hyperactivity, endothelium function decrease, bringing to vasospastic reactions.

Nowadays preparations of arterial hypertonia patients medicine treatment are B-adrenoblockators. Effectiveness and safety of this group of preparations is proved by multiple randomized researches.

Having analyzed the rate of patients complained during 3 days in each quarter of the year, we found out that 80 % of drugstores customers, acquired cardiovascular medicines are older than 40, 75% of them are taking medicines for a significantly durative period of time. The solid share in sell volume contributes to арифон, капотен, верапимил.

Complex sociological researches had been provided to study the subjective component of youth health, factors forming it and the valuation of modern problems. To make abovementioned researches multileveled questionnaire had been outworked, which included social and demographic status of Bashkortostan youth presentation, attitude to Ufa´s ecological conditions and how they influence the population health; how youth evaluate their own health, means of prophylaxis and methods of recovery, problems of harmful habits and possibility to quit.

Subjective valuation of youth health turned out to be insufficiently satisfactory, only 16,8% were practically healthy. Analysis of the biggest drugstores preparations marketing in Ufa has been demonstrated the certain data. To determine the average cost of arterial hypertonia , preparation prices and medical service expenses have been taken into account, what made possible to define the real cost of acquired medical care and to analyze the expenses. As the result we have found out the vegetovascular dystonia and I degree arterial hypertonia (arterial tension is not more than 159/89) take place among youth, but being in these conditions they have no ground to be hospitalized. The share of diagnostical investigation is 77, 18 rub per 1 patient, the share of medicines is 12,06 rub per day. In general, total expenses for 1 patient treatment during 2 weeks is 246,02 rub, including 168,64 rub which is the cost of medicines. Studying the list of medicines used in arterial hypertonia and vegetovascular dystonia treatment, derived from 50-60% of financing volume, demonstrated that such preparations as валокордин, атеналол, ново-пассит, корень валерианы can be included in middle class (20-30% of financing volume) - метапролол, коакал and 5 other preparations are included in lower usage class, expenses, taken place due to their acquirement consisted only 8%.

The analysis of the expenses structure had been made, found out that inspite of different costs of preparations, the total medicine expenses differed very insignificantly and figured as 536 rub/month for атенолол and 718 rub/month for метопролол. The share of preparations acquirements consists 73-76% of total expenses.

In ambulant service investigation expenses consisted 24,6%. As the result of young patients pharmacotherapy effectiveness evaluation, when cardiovascular pathologies took place, the expenses on medical and preparation services, one can come to the conclusion that it is indispensable to use standard of treatment and financing the disease prevention from the budget correspondingly. These are psychological and physical aspects to great extent.

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Shaidurova L.U., Ibraguimova G.Ya., Mingazetdinova L.N., Amirova A.R., Balyagutdinova N.G. PHARMACEUTICAL-ECONOMICAL ANALYSIS OF YOUTH CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES TREATMENT // Фундаментальные исследования. – 2006. – № 3. – С. 45-46;
URL: https://fundamental-research.ru/ru/article/view?id=4862 (дата обращения: 19.06.2024).

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