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Fundamental research
ISSN 1812-7339
"Перечень" ВАК
ИФ РИНЦ = 1,087

Teltsov L.P., Kiseleva R.E., Shlyapnikova Z.G., Boyarkina E.U.

The study of the digestive organs of animals in ontogeny is of great practical value. Analysis of intestive duodenum mucosa in healthy monthly sucking pigs and the intensity of biosynthetic processes depends on the topography of the epitheliocytes along the fibre and is altered on crypto-fibrous gradient. There is a high intensive reaction to nucleic acids and proteins in crypts and in the basis of fibres connected with the areas of intensive mitosis that are identical to germinative areas of lymphatic tissue. The intensity of reactions to nucleic acids and the main proteins decrease in enterocytes of the body towards their apical part. For several hours epithelia cell covers the distance from low and middle parts of crypts to the top gap part of fibre and is extruded into the opening of the organ. After the division in regenerative areas the cells undergo substantional changes, accompanied with the enhance of biosynthetic processes and the differentiation in various types of epitheliocytes.

Crypts are lined with one layer of lowprismatic epithelium. In the low and middle parts of the crypts the apical surface of enterocytes is formed by rare short microfibres. Moving towards the stoma of the crypts the microfibres alongate and begin to have true cylindrical form. Their number increases. Intersive regenerative processes are revealed as areas of intensive mutosis which resembler generative zone in lymphoid organs. Nucleus in most cells are blue-vilet that indicate the intensive despiralisation processes of DNA molecules, the cytoplasm is such cells from light-pink to intensive crimson.

Entrocytes matrics loses water and becomes more dense, nuclei become pycnotic and hypochromic. The amount of organelles decreases, microfibres undergo vesiculation. Intensification of reaction to кислые protein enhances. Hence, changes of biosynthetic processes in healthy sucking pigs have a pronounced morphofunctional charater.